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  1. Hey friends! We want to hear from you. Leave a review about your experience with the School of KidsMin resources!

    1. I’m the secretary on the board of SU Trinidad & Tobago and I think the School of KidsMin is a wonderful initiative. Congratulations SU Canada for this innovative and timely resource – it puts the necessary tools in the hands of workers and parents without them having to leave home during the pandemic. May God bless this work.

    2. Thank you for all your hard work in putting the School of KidsMin together. The topics are current and timeless and the training is beneficial for parents, pastors and all those who are blessed to lead children to Jesus. I’m the Children’s Director for the Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District of the PAOC and have included this resource on our website!

    3. Kudos to Scripture Union for providing this excellent family/kids resource. Especially during this odd season of COVID isolation, these online tools will clearly help dads and moms in their at-home training. I’m a pastor of a church in Sherbrooke, Quebec – Green Ridge Baptist Church. Really love the tip on family devotions “Bible first”!

    4. Thank you School of KidsMin! I just watched the Family Devotions video and I say “yes and amen!” The workshops are a helpful resource and as a father and pastor, I want to encourage anyone interested to just dive right in! May God bless all the presenters. Thank you for this solidly biblical, engaging, and relevant material.

    5. How wonderful that Scripture Union is providing these excellent resources! I have so enjoyed watching all of the videos posted so far and really look forward to the upcoming ones!
      I have forwarded the link for KidsMin to our church’s Children’s Ministry Director as she is in contact with many parents. I can see these resources being helpful in so many settings – for churches with their various ministries for children and families and also for parents in their home life with their children to name a couple of settings.
      Thank you Scripture Union for continuing to find new ways to help children understand how God’s Word can impact their life, to see their great value in God’s eyes and to know how much they are loved! Blessings to the whole Scripture Union team as you continue to bless others!

  2. My name is Roman Khripunov and I am from Houston, Texas. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. It is extremely helpful for our team in Houston. We are are using sport ministry to reach and disciple refugee youth and children who now live in our city. We are looking forward to more resources on how we can continue to be effective disciple-makers through sport and play. Thank you so much!

  3. This has been such a FUN initiative to be a part of. Guess what!? YOU can be a part of it too – by joining in on the conversation! What joys have you experienced lately in kids ministry?

    1. I have recently seen the awe that young kids have for the smallest of efforts in story-telling. I printed a picture of a rainbow in colour to tell the story of Noah’s Ark and they were so excited! It has shown me how receptive they are to God’s beautiful creation and that it is such a privilege to be able to help them learn more about Him! Thanks for these resource videos- they are going to make such a difference for children’s ministry!

      1. Hi Alysa,
        Lovely reading your comment!
        It’s so true that even the smallest effort to engage the whole child with all of their senses is often appreciated by them. Oh how I love working with children! Take care Alysa.

  4. I love the practical advice that School of KidsMin offers! It’s an excellent resource to help parents really infuse their home life with the love of Christ, which in turn allows their children to connect on a deeper level and form that all-important relationship with Jesus. Keep up the great work!

  5. Who ever thought up the School of KidsMin needs a honorary degree. Simply brilliant in its creation, biblical in its content and so interesting in its application. What a gift to children, and for me, to grandchildren.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Brian … and every blessing in your work as Global Ambassador and Director of Development for The World Evangelical Alliance.

  6. I was thrilled to see this development by SU Canada. A wonderful resource for equipping those who minister to children or who have a desire to do so including children & youth leaders in the church, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and teachers! And it covers the full range of ministry needs. Well done. From Janet Morgan, former SU International Director

    1. Thanks for mentioning aunties and uncles. You’ve focused attention on one of our core values – that children’s ministry is about everyone everywhere! Way to go Auntie Janet!

  7. The timing of this could not be better. At Bible League Canada our partners have taught us that, in light of the pandemic, new training models are necessary. With face to face meetings mostly forbidden, the KidsMin format fits the “new normal” perfectly. Kudos to all who had a hand in developing this initiative and producing these excellent resources.

  8. Very comprehensive! Appears to be very relevant to the current challenges of working with children in Malaysia. We will be looking into it more deeply.

  9. Whow!! This is fantastic ministry and great resources for ministers and families. God bless you Lawson and the team – from Kampala, Uganda.

  10. SU Canada Team – congratulations on these wonderful ministry resources! Simple, interactive and full of practical ideas – perfect tools both for personal use and using them as training materials. Keep going! We are looking forward to the rest! 🙂
    – Erzsebet KomlĂłsi – Field Development Director SU Europe

  11. Thanks for your work on this Lawson and the SU team! Our KidsMin leadership at Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) will be looking to use some of this for training our seasonal student leaders. Also a great resource to share with our MBC families – especially during this COVID season. Love the worksheets that you are adding to some of the training!

  12. The module on Theology is bang on! We need to think theologically when it comes to children’s ministry. I want to also thank you for including child protection in this module — wow thank you! So often child protection is considered something you have to do to do ministry, instead of a ministry in itself. In the midst of one of the most important discourses on the kingdom of God, Jesus gave a stern warning not to cause children to lose their faith (Matthew 18). God bless you SU for developing this amazing resource. Thank you also for the shout out to Plan to Protect®!

  13. Just watched the clip on story telling with Karen! It was fantastic! My imagination was rekindled as I watched and listened to the tips given on engaging through story. The School of KidsMin is such a gift! Thanks Scripture Union for these practical,creative and extremely helpful resources!

  14. The KidsMin resource is engaging, informative and easy to follow…win, win, win. Well done in making available such practical insight and application with the heart to help all of us effectively lead children to Jesus.

  15. Congratulations on the School of KidsMin! I hope you will reach many people with your workshops. The more people who are encouraged and trained to reach kids the better. I find that your videos are easy to access and their shorter length would even allow someone to watch a session on their phone while waiting for an appointment. May God bless this project as we each work to bring kids to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Dave Kinsey, Awana Missionary

  16. The School of KidsMin is truly a wonderful initiative. I love the diversity of content available here and my heart is especially drawn to the Sports Ministry section. The Intro to Sport Ministry video really got me thinking about such an amazing opportunity we have to reach children across Canada and the world through sports. KidsMin is an amazing platform to reach children and tell them about Jesus and His Story! Praise God!

  17. The School of KidsMin is a tool that will be very useful for years to come. Having many great grandchildren, I am more aware than ever of the necessity of getting God’s word into hearts while they are young. Every blessing on you Lawson, as you lead your team with this practical project.

  18. What a blessing to be part of an amazing SU Canada Team (Chair on the Board)! A big congratulation on producing and introducing these wonderful ministry tools and resources! Very nicely done! They’re engaging and interactive with plenty of practical ideas – I recommend these fully for personal use with your children and as well as in ministry to children, and as training material for teachers and helpers in Sunday Schools etc. Pray that these will be used and will bring a great blessing to many. Well done!

  19. Thank you so much for putting together these fantastic resources! I’ve worked as a Sunday school volunteer at varying stages throughout my life and seeing the joy, passion and love for children reflected in these videos is a wonderful encouragement and reminder of how God calls little children to Himself and how we can be part of that. As I’m watching these videos, I’m reminded again of the importance of reaching out to children and actively investing in them by sharing the Word of God clearly and creatively. Thank you for providing tools that not only help equip leaders to share the Gospel with kids, but also for taking the time to remind us of the value in every child we serve. May God bless your ministry and continue to use you to reach children with the Good News of Jesus!

  20. This is a great resource to help children and adults. It’s good to share stories in a creative way, and the sports ministry workshops will help us involve children, especially as children are more in high usage on-screen time we would convert that into their life value … Great materials – all the best, we pray for you all.

  21. Children learn faster than adults do. As a rule of thumb, the majority of those who become followers of Jesus will do so as children. Given this high potential / high return phase of life we should focus some of our best efforts of shaping young lives with the biblical narrative. Thanks to Lawson and his team we now have a highly creative resource for doing just that. Extra kudos for emphasizing the family’s primary role (the hub) in spiritual education and for equipping parents for the task. Well done.

  22. It is always refreshing when new tools are developed that are easy to implement in different cultural settings. SU Canada continues to amaze me by their practical tools that are easily adapted as sports in a universal language. Well done. Tony Nzanza, English Speaking Africa Field Development Director, SUI

  23. Thanks for creating such a comprehensive website that is totally dedicated to children’s ministry. With lots of brilliant ideas all backed with clear theological foundations, there is so much to discover.
    Damian Wharton – General Director of Scripture Union Northern Ireland

  24. It is so exciting to see the School of KidsMin up and running! Great job to the entire team. At Converge Canada, we are thrilled to see Children’s Ministry organizations like Scripture Union adapt and prepare training material that can be shared and made available for all. This is a great resource if you are new to teaching children, or experienced. The themes, topics and teachings are bang on! Keep up the great work!

  25. Great job Lawson and team! So thankful for everyone at Scripture Union Canada. School of KidsMin is a timely initiative to help strengthen families and create a culture where Bible reading in our homes is engaging, interactive and life-transforming. Keep up the good work!

  26. In a day when many families are struggling, the School of KidsMin offers simple yet profound principles for everyday families to thrive. Families, not individuals, are meant to be central in our society, and this material will help refocus our communities back to the foundation of faith and family.

  27. Digital delivery of training and inspiration has been possible for a long time, but we’ve really seen the value over the past 5-6 months as we have sought new ways of communicating in a locked-down world. It’s liberating – removing barriers of time and geography. Screen time is neutral: it’s what we’re looking at on our screens that matters – and here are some positive and motivational resources to stir and re-energise mission and creativity. Looking forward to seeing more of the planned content and also, perhaps, how to connect with those children and young people who are not in supportive faith contexts – what does kids ministry look like for them?

  28. Very encouraging! I just watched the “Becoming A Storyteller” workshop. I wish I was a child in Canada 🙂 I learned a lot of Bible stories in a special Scout-like YMCA group in Switzerland where we “performed” Bible stories with the children out in nature every Saturday afternoon. You cannot imagine how many Bible stories directly lead to making a bonfire, setting up a tent, or training in knots … Both knowing these stories and living these stories was an immense treasure to me at the start of the Christian life. The importance of what you are teaching cannot be overestimated!

    1. That’s wonderful! I love to hear reflections and stories like that. My dad was an outstanding storyteller and my prayer is that I in turn will pass on to my children and grandchildren the importance of stories, and ultimately the transforming power of His Story.

  29. Congratulations SU Canada for leading the way in establishing the School of KidsMin! I’m David Leong from Singapore, and along with my friend Lee Ee Foo, a new children’s pastor of a local independent church, we reviewed the School. We like the very clear and distinctive way the School is organised. It is also very good to see young men involved in children’s ministry and as part of the production team. We especially enjoyed the video on Storytelling and are happy to find the resources on the same page. The video on Foundations of Children’s Ministry was not so impactful … it could have been enriched with a bit more biblical depth and a more dynamic/motivational delivery. We hope to see new videos on methodology. God bless!

  30. What a wonderful resource! Scripture Union Canada continues to contribute, in a significant way, to the lives of children here in Ontario, across our country and all over the world by passionately connecting children with Jesus and His Story. As a parent with young children at home, it is part of my life each and every day to engage them with the transforming story of Jesus and this site will help my wife and I to do just that!

  31. Congratulations to you and your team Lawson. This is indeed a fantastic and very innovative way of getting the gospel message out. I really like the simple and yet very effective approach in communicating Christ, especially to the very young ones. May the Lord through this medium bring many more into His fold. Shalom. Morgan Asiedu, Ghana.

  32. Thank you for this helpful, practical, biblical, and down-to-earth tool that will help parents, grandparents and children´s ministry leaders to engage children with God´s Word. Well done! I watched the “Homeschooling” video and thought the 8 tips are very useful for any family, not only in a homeschooling context. Maybe you might want to add this part as a stand-alone video? May God bless this new endeavour! Monika Kuschmierz, Scripture Union International Director.

  33. Lawson is a longstanding friend from the old South Africa days -1970’s & ’80s. As an evangelist from 1972 in South Africa (among many different ethnic groups) I learnt such a lot from my friends, the leaders of SU in Johannesburg, Peter Holmes and Andy Luke. The SU principles to reach and disciple children and teenagers are still pillars in my life and ministry today 48 years later. Over the last 28 years, (through my local teams on the ground) I have supported and mentored some 20,000 orphans in Eastern Europe, using the same principles, with great results. I see your presenters using the same Biblical principles today, with great success and fruitfulness. I must say, looking at the photos of your presenters with their great smiles, I see Jesus shining from within them. Children recognize this and are thus drawn to Him. Well done.

    1. Those were special days in South Africa … hundreds of students coming to faith in Christ! How I would love to see the Lord convicting and saving huge groups of students in the corridors, classrooms, residences, and concourses of our colleges and universities today, as He did in the seventies and eighties on the campuses of the Johannesburg College of Education and the University of the Witwatersrand. In my undergraduate class of +30 students, two were Christians when we started University and only 2 were not Christians when we graduated! Hopefully, the School of KidsMin will be used by the Lord to prepare this generation of adults to equip a generation of children and youth to boldly proclaim Christ in the lecture rooms and dormitories of educational institutions around the world. Blessings on your ministry in Australia and elsewhere. Keep on keeping on!

  34. Thanks to the SU team for this wonderful global resource to help us all do a better job reaching young people. The format is creative and fun — like it should be — and the concepts are quite helpful. May God use this tool mightily in preparing youth workers to bring transformation to many many lives through the power of His Word.

  35. Thanks for aiming the videos at the “grassroots” so to speak. I find that so often videos like this are aimed at the professionals, but you’ve aimed them both in appearance and content to those who are on the frontlines. Thank you KidsMin team for your excellent work.

  36. My name is Nancy Kahuthia, National Director, Scripture Union Kenya. I wish to congratulate SU Canada for the much-needed School of KidsMin. COVID-19 has exposed the gaps in children’s ministry, one being the lack of curriculum and resources, and two, the lack of capacity for parents, caregivers and children ministry workers to effectively facilitate ministry among God’s beloved, the little children – especially when our traditional methodologies have been upset. The breadth of issues is captivating, and I pray the depth will be as rich. We will definitely loop into this great resource. We wish you every blessing from our Father as you equip the church of Christ to be front line ambassadors in ushering little ones into the Kingdom. In Christ, Nancy.

  37. As CEO of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, I’m always glad to see innovative ministry programs that present the Gospel in relevant ways that make it easy for people to respond. Congratulations to Scripture Union Canada for creating a resource for parents and their children that does just that. Well done!

  38. I watched Jonathan’s video about 5 Tips for KidsMin During COVID-19. It was awesome! He is so enthusiastic – the right man for the job.

  39. These Quick Minute videos under KidsMin are amazing!!!! All these key questions children ( and adults! ) wonder about answered in such a clear and engaging way. What a fantastic resource for parents, grandparents and all involved in children’s ministries. I can see all ages benefitting from these. Thank you Scripture Union team!

  40. We are all called to share Jesus with the next generation! School of KidsMin is a wonderful resource for families and children’s ministry leaders alike; practical helps and inspiration to “keep on keeping on” sharing the love of Jesus and bringing the overarching story of the Gospel into all aspects of life! ~ Kelly Rempel, Director of Creative Communications for One Hope Canada

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