Five in 5

Five in 5 (2)

5 KidsMin essentials in 5 minutes!

5 Parenting Practices That Will Help Develop Your Child's Faith

If you're a parent, you're the most potent force in your child's faith formation. But how do we parent well? Find out how five key parenting practices will help develop your child's faith!


5  Things Every Child Should Know About Jesus

Jesus is the GREATEST of all! Come learn 5 essential truths that every child should know about Jesus


5  Tips for Teaching Kids How to Love Jesus

Jesus wants us to love Him with our whole life! Find out how we can convey this to children with our eyes, mouth, ears, hands and heart!


5  Tips for Kids Ministry Post COVID-19

We are coming into a new landscape for children's ministry, yet at the same time Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! Let's be encouraged and reminded together what it means for us to help children connect with Jesus and His Story.


5  Tips to Include Every Kid

Give me Five for “Every Kid Ministry”! Using each digit of our hand as a means to remember, let's talk about how to engage, encourage and involve every child.


5 Tips to Help Families Cope with Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

Are you experiencing increased stress and anxiety in your family? Check out these 5 tips to help families cope with stress and anxiety.

5 Tips for KidsMin During COVID-19

It's our God-given priority to raise children in the way of Christ ... and now more than ever! Be inspired and encouraged to continue in kids ministry with these 5 practical tips!

Leading Children in Worship

Worshipping God is at the core of our purpose in life - "To Glorify God, and enjoy Him forever." In this session, we look at five practical tips and strategies for showing children what worship is and how they can grow in their relationship with Jesus.