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Do you need some real-life, tried and tested, practical skills and tips to get you going and keep you going? This is where you fill your toolbox with useful techniques to effectively connect children with Jesus and His Story.

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5 Tips for Ministry to New Moms (1)
5 Tips for Working with Kids with Autism
Writing Your Own Kids Ministry Curriculum (1)
Experiential Learning
Teachable Moments (1)
How to effectively lead a children's ministry team
Discipline Strategy for Children's Ministry (5)
Copy of 5 Tips for Kids Min During COVID-19
Leading Children
5 Tips for Including Every Kid (4)
Leading Children in Worship (2)
Caring for Children of Different Abilities
Including Children of All Abilities
COVID-19 Kids Ministry - School of KidsMin
How to be a good storyteller - School of KidsMin

5 Tips for Ministry to Preschoolers

Ministry to preschoolers is more than just babysitting while the parents can attend church. Join Sarah Chaudhery, a pediatric occupational therapist, as she shares 5 tips for effective ministry for preschoolers!

5 Tips for Ministry to New Moms

Becoming a new mom is a challenging experience. Learn how to serve new moms as Sarah Chaudhery, an pediatric occupational therapist, shares five tips for ministry to new moms! Find more resources at

5 Tips for Working with Kids with Autism

The ability for the Church to serve children with autism is becoming an increasing need! Join pediatric occupational therapist, Sarah Chaudhery, as she share her top 5 tips for working with kids with Autism.

Experiential Learning

Kids learn best when they can experience an idea for themselves. Come "experience" the power of experiential learning. Grab a ball before clicking play!

Writing Your Own Kids Ministry Curriculum

You know the kids you're serving and their specific needs! Why not tailor the Gospel message to them in a powerful way! Find out how with Jonathan Murray as we explore "Writing Your Own Kids Ministry Curriculum".

Teachable Moments

Teachable moments are all around us! From rainbows and birds to bread and water to feelings and experiences, Jesus was the greatest at using teachable moments! Inspired by Jesus, let's make the most of informal moments to train up our children in the Lord!

How to Effectively Lead a Children's Ministry Team

Besides organizing a team and handing out curriculum, kids ministry workers need so much more if they're going to help kids begin a lifelong relationship with Jesus. What do they need? Find out as Yvonne Ford explains how to equip, empower and encourage your team!
Helpful authors:
  • Craig Julita
  • Jim Wideman
  • Katherine Stonehouse

Discipline and Restoration in Kid's Ministry

Don't be 'reactive', learn to be 'proactive'! In this School of KidsMin session, you will be equipped to create your own discipline strategy for your children's ministry. You will also learn essential tools when it comes to de-escalation and classroom management. Most importantly, you will come to see that 'discipline' helps a child grow in being a disciple of Christ!

5  Tips for Kids Ministry Post COVID-19

We are coming into a new landscape for children's ministry, yet at the same time Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! Let's be encouraged and reminded together what it means for us to help children connect with Jesus and His Story.

Growing Kids in the Word

How do we grow kids in the Word? Discover how you can equip visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or logical preference learners with creative Bible engagement practices that help them connect with the Word in ways that work.

Leading Children - Engage, Encourage, Excite

How do we lead children effectively so that they can grow in their love for Jesus? Let's look at the 3 E's of servant leadership: Engage, Excite, Encourage.

5  Tips to Include Every Kid

Give me Five for “Every Kid Ministry”! Using each digit of our hand as a means to remember, let's talk about how to engage, encourage and involve every child.

Leading Children in Worship

Worshipping God is at the core of our purpose in life - "To Glorify God, and enjoy Him forever." In Leading Children in Worship, we look at five practical tips and strategies for showing children what worship is and how they can grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Caring for Children with Different Abilities

A more in-depth look at how to care for children with different abilities. Practical guidelines to equip you with appropriate strategies to help you support children requiring special assistance for physical or developmental disabilities, learning delays, autism, or behaviour challenges.

Including Children of All Abilities

Every child is valued, regardless of ability. Learn about including children of all abilities, and the basics of how to help children with mental, intellectual, physical or behavioural needs.

5 Tips for Kids Min During COVID-19

It's our God-given priority to raise children in the way of Christ ... and now more than ever! Be inspired and encouraged with these 5 practical tips for how to connect with kids during C-19!

Becoming a Storyteller

There's no greater agony than hearing a story poorly told - especially when it's God's Story! This workshop is for novice and accomplished storytellers. You'll learn the principles and practices that you need to be a good storyteller.