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“Children are predisposed to learn through engagement and experiences” Lawson Murray in How Do We Develop EPIC Children’s Ministry?

Get engaged, equipped, and encouraged to tell the next generation about Jesus and His Story!


Be equipped to train children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).


Helping you understand what God wants you to be, know, and do.

Methodology & Practice

The how-to of children’s ministry where you get the tools and resources you need.

Sports Ministry

Just do it! Sport is an incredible medium for incarnational ministry.


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Workshop Presenters

The workshop presenters are passionate committed Christians, with proven track records of reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing children in the way of Christ. They’ve worked hands-on with tens of thousands of children and helped thousands of adults grow in their capacity to minister to children. Together, they have +200 years of vocational ministry experience as teachers, social workers, therapists, pastors, counsellors, coaches, missionaries, and sports ministry directors. They have 22 accredited diplomas, bachelor, honours, masters, or doctoral degrees. They’ve taught all age groups at all levels of formal, informal, and non-formal education in national and international settings. Most importantly, they facilitate workshops that are biblically informed, heart-transforming, and practically oriented.

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