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The majority of children worldwide say that sport is important to them. Whether they're watching, playing recreationally or competitively, sport is a significant part of their lives!

Sports ministry uniquely reaches children of all ages and abilities. So join us as we explore what it means to use sports ministry as the medium for reaching, rescuing, rooting, and releasing children to live only all for Jesus!

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Sports Ministry 101

Where do we fit in sports ministry? How do we understand evangelism and disciple-making in the context of sports ministry? Discover the sports ministry map and learn about the different ministry opportunities for sport and non-sport oriented people.

Basic Theology of Sports Ministry

If sports ministry is going to thrive, theology and practice must be correctly proportioned. So to do sports ministry effectively, we must know what the Bible says about sport and sports ministry. This workshop will help you think through and understand five theological premises that undergird and frame sports ministry.

Introduction to Sports Ministry

Forty percent of children around the world are involved in team sports. Thirty-five percent of girls and sixty percent of boys say that sport is very important to them! That positions sport as a tremendous medium for children's ministry. So lets put two and two together and explore an Introduction to Sports Ministry.

Not a sports person? It's not a prerequisite. Come and join us!


Engaging Your Community Through Sports Clubs

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