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Theology matters! Good theology leads to good practice. Children’s ministry must be centred in the Word, informed by the Word, and guided by the Word.

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5  Things Every Child Should Know About Jesus

Jesus is the GREATEST of all! Learn 5 essential truths that every child should know about Jesus.

Download the 5 Things Every Child Should Know About Jesus Worksheet

5  Tips for Teaching Kids How to Love Jesus

Jesus wants us to love Him with our whole life! Find out how we can teach this to children with our eyes, mouth, ears, hands and hearts!

Download the 5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Love Jesus Worksheet

Helping Children Join Jesus’ Team

There are a lot of different ideas we can come up with when thinking about how to share the Good News with children, but what are the most important ones? Find out in this workshop.

Download the Helping Children Join Jesus’ Team Worksheet

What is the Gospel?

What is the key message that we need to share with children? It’s the Gospel! From start to finish the Bible presents the Gospel in six acts. Learn how to share it in a fun memorable way.

Download the What is the Gospel? Worksheet

Basic Theology of Sports Ministry

If sports ministry is going to thrive, theology and practice must be correctly proportioned. So to do sports ministry effectively, we must know what the Bible says about sport and sports ministry. This workshop will help you think through and understand five theological premises that undergird and frame sports ministry.

Encapsulated Theology of Sports Ministry Download the Basic Theology of Sports Ministry Worksheet

Foundation of Children’s Ministry

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a chapter of the Bible which outlines how to do perfect children’s ministry? While the Bible isn’t a manual for children’s ministry, it does reveal the essential pillars of belief and practice needed for effective holistic children’s ministry.

Download the Foundation of Children’s Ministry Worksheet

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